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Schweizer supports Olympic contender in Stuttgart

Since February, Schweizer GmbH & Co. KG has been the official supplier of the Olympic Sports Center Stuttgart.


As a subsidiary company of the Kern-Liebers group, the spring specialist from Reutlingen get started to optimize the springs for the BMX national and country BMX clickpedals.

A development project was launched by Schweizer.

Through the new development of the springs, the necessary hold in the clickpedals was given for the athletes during the start phase in the competition. In a close cooperation from the company with the trainer Simon Schirle and the athletes, the tension of the springs could almost be doubled.


Now, the new springs have been integrated into all BMX clickpedals of the athletes in Stuttgart. "The development was an important step for our team to make them more competitive in the long term." said the BMX trainer.


In conclusion, we would like to wish you all the best in training and to thank you for your great cooperation.

André Neteler (left) and Olympic contender Jakob Bernhart (second from left) are on-site at the production of the springs. Together with the development engineer Marco Waidele (middle) and the division manager Sven Veit (second from the right), the new spring is produced and tested together with the BMX trainer Simon Schirle (right).