Spring technology

Spring technology with SCHWEIZER GmbH & Co. KG

Spring technology

Whether Winding, Coiling, Bending, heat treatment , spring ends grinding or cold setting - with SCHWEIZER your spring get the best technology.

Winding, Coiling, Bending

Schweizer selects the ideal production process to offer a high quality and simultaneously a good cost-output to the costumer.

Heat treatment

Typically, springs are heat treated by temperate. This bending pressure will be dismantled. The length of life is influenced positively. The elasticity and yield strength of the materials will be increased. The right heat treatment is an important step in manufacturing for a quality spring.

Spring end grinding

In order to optimize, springs are ground at the ends in many applications. Depending on the material and geometry of the spring, Schweizer selects the right grinding process with the appropriate grinding wheel combination.

Cold setting

Schweizer use an automatic cold setting equipment. Different machine designs for different quality equirements with 100 % inspection of spring forces


To achieve higher durability, we can also offer our standard springs in blasted versions. We use two separate blasting shots; steel shots for spring steel in accordance with EN 10270-1-SH/ DH; and rust-proof shots or glass beads for rustproof spring steel in accordance with EN 10270- 3-1.4310.

Industry applications


Building services engineering

Consumer goods

Electrical engineering

Mechanical engineering and equipment manufacturing

Medical technology

Precision engineering

Textile industry