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PTCA wires are close to our hearts

Guidewires for PTCA

At CARL HAAS, you will find a comprehensive range of high-quality PTCA wires for cardiology with 1:1 torsion transmission from the shaft to the tip and in various different versions.

In the standard version, our PTCA wires for cardiology have a diameter of 0.36 mm (0.014") and lengths of 175 cm or 190 cm.

The most important properties of our PTCA wires at a glance

  • 1:1 torsion transmission from shaft to tip.
  • The PTFE coating in the shaft area reduces friction and guarantees excellent catheter movement
  • Very good radiopacity in the tip area (distal coil made of platinum alloy)
  • Various flexibilities ranging from high floppy “HF” to high stiff “HS”
  • “STF” guidewire version specially optimized for stent implantation
  • In addition to our standard PTCA wires in various stiffnesses and lengths, we also work with you to develop custom PTCA wire solutions.

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Guidewires for PTCA

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