Tool springs

Tool springs from SCHWEIZER

Tool springs

Schweizer offers you a wide range of tool springs.


Tool springs are colour-coded by load type:

  • brown or green = light loads
  • blue = middle loads
  • red = heavy loads
  • yellow = particularly heavy loads

Common Tool springs Materials

  • All in-stock tool springs are manufactured from high-quality chrome-vanadium steel according to ISO 10243

Detailed information on our materials can be found in our detailed table of materials.

Table of materials

Technical Notes

  • The springs should be installed with pre-tension to avoid shock loads
  • Sufficient guidance is required to avoid cross-springing
  • The life-span of individual springs may be maximized by installing a large number of springs and not exceeding the stated range and load applied to the spring
  • The maximum operating temperature is 200°C

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Tool springs

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